A Really Good Time to Be a Value Investor 1 week ago

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As the dust from one of America’s uglier midterm battles settles, Buck makes sense of the new political order.
On the one hand – Democrats won the House, and with it the ability to kill all legislation, investigate the President and subpoena his aides and – most explosively – demand his tax returns.
On the other side, Republicans expanded their majority in the U.S. Senate, giving President Trump the ability to nominate scores of lifetime conservative judges – meaning his vision for America could prevail for decades after he leaves office.
Who got the better end of the deal? After speaking with campaign strategists, politicos and journalists, Buck has a verdict.
“We are in for a two-year battle royale.”
Meanwhile, with markets reacting to a split decision that invites a new era of gridlock, Dan Ferris gives the lay of the value investing land, starting with the moves of the greatest value investor of all time. “You can’t be a value investor and not talk about what Warren Buffett is doing.”
Dan’s got a theory of why Warren Buffett has held on to a cash hoard of over $100 billion for five quarters now, and what his relatively meager $1 billion buyback of Berkshire stock really signals.
They’re joined by this week’s special guest, Chris Cole. The founder and portfolio manager of the Artemis Vega Fund, Chris built a track record of profiting from volatility that drew the attention of publications like The Financial Times, International Financing Review, CFA Magazine, and Forbes.
With markets continuing their whipsaw activity this week, we think you’ll find his insights particularly relevant – especially as he outlines what history spells for an emerging age of value investing.