Are You Scared To Talk About Money? 1 week ago

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Why don't colleges tell students what your expected starting salary will be depending on which major you choose? It's not bad to talk about money - it is necessary.
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Are You Scared To Talk About The "M" Word...Money?!
0:11 - Do you ever wish that people were more straight up with you
0:39 - The majority of people say you should never talk about money
0:59 - Invited to speak at a career day event to talk about entrepreneurship
1:30 - Asking how much money do you make
2:11 - What was the student really asking when he asked ‘how much money do you make’
3:18 - Humans created money so it doesn’t make sense to avoid the realities of our finances
4:16 - Why there is a negative perception around money
4:33 - Why entrepreneurship is the best career path
5:13 - Three things to look at when choosing your career plan

What Is The Minority Mindset?
The Minority Mindset has nothing to do with the way you look or what kind of family you're from. It's a mindset.

Give the majority $200 and they will come back with a pair of shoes. Give the minority $200 they will come back with $2,000.

Think from the mindset of a consumer and be the provider, that's the Minority Mindset. Don't be the majority. #MIH #ThinkMinority #FinancialLiteracy

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